the story

The whisky label bears a family name not only as an homage to the family that created it but also as a symbol of a larger family of collectors united by this series of rare spirits. Founded by Felix Bendersky, of course a lover of Scotch himself, he launched the brand not only to seek out fine selections to share with friends but to create a culture to share with many. Ingrained in this lifestyle is a love for art of various mediums and history, especially those that link to personal connections like being raised in Brooklyn NY with roots in Eastern Europe and jaunts around the world in search of exclusive products. Join BFR for the ride and slow down to take life in over a dram. 


Captains log...

February 2017 - And we have sold out of Edition #1!

December 2016 - Product arrived and sorted for pre-order fulfillment and last remaining bottles to be sold

November 2016 - Pre-orders exceeded expectations with 75% sold before arriving!

October 2016 - Bottling now and everything is shipping to the States

September 2016 - Approvals are in and bottling has been scheduled

June 2016 - We ordered beautiful wooden gift boxes for Edition #1

May 2016 - Labels were sent for review and approval by Scotland

April 2016 - Bottle style and strength of Scotch was finalized 

March 2016 - A name was selected and a brand was born!

February 2016 - We bought a cask - and it's amazing!!